Death From Nowhere

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Kent AllardEdit

Kent Allard is a famed World War One aviator who fought for the french and went under the alias of The Black Eagle (later revised to The Dark Eagle). After the war, he decides to fight against crime and injustice in New York City as The Shadow. Faking his death in South America, he takes the role of other people in order to maintain his status of death.

One of Allards best disguises is the role of Lamont Cranston, a wealthy man that is "about town". In the comics, Cranston is a separate character that is out of New York most of his time making the identity perfect for Allard as he lives in Cranstons mansion. However, in radio and film, Lamont Cranston is The Shadow, and Kent Allard is not a character.

Lamont CranstonEdit

Lamont Cranston is described at the beginning of each radio episode as, "A wealthy young man of our town" he learned the secret to clouding men's minds so that they cannot see him (Referred to by some as "hypnotic suggestion") in the Orient and is also apparently an an able doctor, shown in The Shadow Returns when he performs surgery on a boy who will die if a pure blood ruby (Beleived to be a simple infection) is not removed from his arm. He also appears to have extraordinary willpower, shown when he is shot in the shoulder but continues to operate on the boy. He is also an able swimmer, shown in The Society of the Living Dead when he saves a man from drowning in his own tomb and survives himself without standing on the coffin while the tomb flooded. He is also a ventriloquist, shown in The Death Triangle when he throws his voice into a corner so that a murderer would throw his knife into that corner.


Kent Allard has some mutual and different abilities to those of Lamont Cranstons version:

  1. Skilled marksman
  2. Master of martial arts
  3. Master of disguise and stealth

Lamont Cranston's abilities appear to be

  1. The ability to cloud men's minds so they cannot see him
  2. Master of disguise and stealth
  3. Excellent swimmer
  4. Has all the talents to become a doctor but none of the training except for simple first aid.

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